Why Use Sparrow?
  Accurate information about the inner workings of your processes or the locations of your assets or what your workers are doing and how much time it took is critical to thriving in the information economy. Sparrow helps your organization be more proficient and more profitable doing what you already do.

  Accurate Billing? Workers arrive and leave a job site or spend time on a given project for a specific client. Materials are delivered to the job site, equipment and tools are used (resulting in wear), supplies are consumed, fuel is burned. Price and cost - profit margin - are always in the background (sometimes in the foreground). On each job, each project, is your company making money, breaking even or losing money? On a per active job basis, do you know the answer to that question right now? How long would it take to figure that out? Sparrow knows. Each time a worker spends time on a job or project, the start and end is recorded (along with the specific activity). Each time materials are delivered or supplies are consumed or fuel is burned, those expenses are recorded. Each record is tied to the job or the project and an up-to-the-minute report can be pulled and exported showing the exact cost of each job or project at that moment in time. Use that report for invoices as well as keeping track of costs vs. estimations.

  Time Attendance? Workers arrive and leave their workplaces - remote or at your facility - and as each does, they scan the associated Sparrow Marker and clock-in or clock-out. Reports that interface with popular payroll services and accounting software can be exported easily from Sparrow and they are accurate. No more punch-cards. No more rented time clocks. No more hand-written or typed-in time-sheets. Worker's clock-in at the start of their shift by scanning the marker with their phone. They clock-out the same way. Each scan event is logged in real time with an accurate time and date and the location of the scan event. Was Bob really at that job site 3 states away Tuesday at 7:45am? Sparrow tells you he was actually there at 7:42am, with front-end loader #23 and the survey crew arrived at 7:55am.

  Job Cost Estimations? Sparrow records the time, materials, supplies and general expenses related to each project and each job. Analytics of these records and reports helps to fine-tune the job cost estimations that are critical to profitability

  Asset Locations? You create a Sparrow Marker for the front door and back door of your facility - when your workers arrives they scan the marker and are prompted to Clock-In or Clock-Out. You create a marker for each vehicle in your fleet - when a worker gets into the vehicle to go to a customer location or some other work location, they scan the marker and are prompted to enter the odometer reading and fuel status of the vehicle. You create a unique marker for each work-station at your facility and for each project or order or client - when a worker scans their work-station they are prompted to indicate which project, client or order they are working on. When they leave for the day, they scan the marker at the door and Clock-Out. You now have an accurate time-attendance report, vehicle utilization report, job and project cost report and know where your vehicles (and tools) were last seen and what the status of the orders moving through your facility are.


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