Who Uses Sparrow?
  Sparrow is being used in a broad and diverse set of businesses. From the oil-change shop on the corner managing their customers' fleets, to facilities maintenance, to guard touring, to asset management, to time-attendance and accurate project time and material costs.

  Safety Inspections? Rob Hunter oversees the safety inspections for the maintenance department of a public-school system. He needs to keep track of inspection records for elevators, boilers and furnaces, bleachers, fire suppression systems and handicap accessibility at 30 different buildings within 60 square miles of the city. Each inspection record is kept at each building, but at the same time, he needs to know when each inspection last took place and what the results of each inspection was - without having to drive to each of the buildings individually. Rob uses Sparrow. He assigned a Sparrow Marker to each thing that needs inspected at each building. When a registered viewer scans the Sparrow Marker, they are presented with the inspection checklist and form for that unique thing that is being inspected. The inspector fills out the form, completes the checklist and submits the results. The administrator of the building prints the report to the inspection certificate and holds that document at the building. Rob gets a notification that an inspection has been completed and can pull a report from the Sparrow backend that tells him which systems at which buildings are complete and which are remaining to be completed. These reports make Rob more knowledgeable about the current condition of the systems he's responsible for and streamlines his job processes making him more efficient and less stressed.

  Commercial Cleaning? A commercial cleaning company has nearly 130 office buildings that they clean on a weekly basis with 10 crews moving from building to building each day and night 6 days a week. Turnover among crew members is high and a fair amount of time is devoted to training new crew members about the unique cleaning specifications of each of the buildings and clients. The company's operations manager (Debbie) uses Sparrow. She created and assigned a unique Sparrow Marker to each of the client buildings and each of the areas in each of the buildings. When the crew chief scans the marker with their tablet or smartphone, they are provided with specific instructions about what needs to be cleaned and where to go next (in multiple languages). They are also provided with an interface to report "anomalies" they may encounter. Debbie can pull a report each morning that shows which crews worked which facilities for which clients and also which buildings and clients were missed. Her crew chiefs spend less time on teaching the new crew members what to do and Debbie's clients get a better overall customer experience.

  Senior Center Activities? A senior center offers its members various activities throughout the day and over the course of the week. Some of the providers of these activities are volunteers and some are paid instructors. The center is funded based on community involvement and out of that general funding pool, pays the paid activity instructors based on their specific activity involvement or attendance. Daniel Green oversees operations for the senior center. Daniel uses Sparrow. Each member of the center is assigned a membership card and on that card is a Sparrow Marker than uniquely identifies each member. When any of the members attend a paid instruction class (e.g. Yoga), the paid instructor scans their membership card with their smartphone. At the end of the day, Daniel can pull up a report that shows which members attended which classes, how much each instructor needs to be paid and also a report that shows the overall activity level of the community and individuals within the community. Daniel's information is accurate and also provides him with forecasting information for the next period as well as general trend information.


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