Where Is Sparrow?
  Where are your assets and your resources? Where were they last seen? How did they get there? What stops were along the way? Sparrow ties GPS location to scans and shows those locations on maps (last-seen location) and can export animated motion path reports than show how assets move from place to place inside a facility or location to location outside in the real world.

  Ever wonder where your stuff is? Or where your people are? John Miller runs a facilities maintenance company. He put Sparrow Markers on the front and back doors of his garage (to be Time Attendance clocks), inside his work trucks and vans (to keep track of their location and also which job orders they are being used for) and on various tools and equipment - tools that get left behind (like ladders) and equipment that is expensive or difficult to replace. John uses Sparrow. He logs into the secure management interface and can immediately see a map of where all of his resources are, when they were last seen there and who saw them last. His payroll department pulls reports from the Sparrow time clock markers, maintenance pulls reports about vehicle and equipment utilization and billing pulls reports relating to who worked on which job using which tools and what equipment. These reports make John more knowledgeable about the current condition of the company and streamlines their operational back-office processes making them more efficient and more profitable.

  The long way around or the shortest path? And what about those two-hour long lunches? Janet Long is responsible for client billing for a company that has a fleet of vehicles each assigned to a different field technician. Each has a job queue that is added to dynamically as customer service requests are reported. The queuing system directs the drivers based on proximity and Janet bills for travel time and mileage in addition to the time the technician is at the customer's location. Janet's company uses Sparrow. Janet was concerned about some of the technicians taking long lunches or going out of their way to get from one job to the next - billing the customer for either of those exposes the company to liability and is poor customer service. Also, both wreck havoc with the automated proximity based queuing system. They added a Sparrow Marker to each vehicle in the fleet and require that field technicians scan the marker at the start of the day, when they reach each service request, when they depart from each service request and when they are taking a break. The location information that Sparrow records shows the path each technician took from service request to service request and the time logs allow for more accurate billing. Sparrow saves them time and makes their billing more accurate. Interfacing Sparrow's API with the automated job queuing system allows for faster service routing and better overall customer service.

  Where is that customer order? A manufacturing company builds wiring harnesses for cars and light trucks. Each vehicle model uses a different harness that is comprised of the same basic pieces - switches, connectors, wire, sensors, etc. - but the wire lengths are different, and the number of switches differ and when in the process connectors (or other stuff) gets added is based on the design of the harness and how each goes moves through their manufacturing station floor. David Shawnson oversees how each order moves from station to station. David uses Sparrow. Each harness is assigned a unique Sparrow Marker that is included with the order sheet for the harness; each assembly station has a tablet that is running the Sparrow Viewer application. When a harness is moved from one station to the next along its unique path, it is scanned by the receiving station's Sparrow Viewer. David sees which orders are at which stations and how those orders moved through the internal manufacturing process. He uses that information to monitor the time each order is at each station and looks for ways to streamline their processes. He also uses that information to determine profit per harness and when new harness types are added to their production list, that data is used to determine cost as well as price per unit making David's company more profitable and more efficient.


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