What Is Sparrow?
  Sparrow is a software-as-a-service application that combines a free smartphone and tablet app with a secure and private online database and interface. Sparrow records how people interact with items of interest.

  What is an item of interest? An item of interest is any asset or location or thing that as an organization you may want to keep track of. These can be job sites or work stations or equipment or tools or vehicles or supplies or products... actual physical locations and the stuff that moves from place to place. Items of interest could be documents - work orders or specifications or reports. An item of interest is simply whatever thing you are concerned about.

  Who are the people? Within Sparrow there are two types of people that are interacting with the application - Sparrow Viewers and Sparrow Management. A Sparrow Viewer is any person that has downloaded the Sparrow App and has registered their identity with your organization's Sparrow implementation. Management is any person who has access to Sparrow's backend reporting interface.

  What's the point? When a Viewer scans the unique Sparrow Marker associated with an item of interest, the Viewer is given information about the item and may be prompted to provide additional information. At the same time, a record is added to the your secure online Sparrow database that links that Registered Viewer with that Item at the GPS location of their phone or tablet at the specific time and date that the scan event occurred and if the Viewer provides additional information about the Item or scan event, that information is recorded as well. Management has access to Sparrow's back-end interface and can generate reports based on the scan events.

Try it out. The Sparrow Marker on the right will prompt you for registration and then provide you with an overview of the system.

  An Example? You create a Sparrow Marker for the front door and back door of your facility - when your workers arrives they scan the marker and are prompted to Clock-In or Clock-Out. You create a marker for each vehicle in your fleet - when a worker gets into the vehicle to go to a customer location or some other work location, they scan the marker and are prompted to enter the odometer reading and fuel status of the vehicle. You create a unique marker for each work-station at your facility and for each project or order or client - when a worker scans their work-station they are prompted to indicate which project, client or order they are working on. When they leave for the day, they scan the marker at the door and Clock-Out. You now have an accurate time-attendance report, vehicle utilization report, job and project cost report and know where your vehicles (and tools) were last seen and what the status of the orders moving through your facility are.


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