Sparrow Pricing (April 2020)
  COVID-19 Update: Sparrow Clean-Point is version of Sparrow that comes with a pre-loaded set of areas that you provide us when you sign up for the service and access to a dedicated and secure management portal. Monthly, for multiple locations, costs are as low as $35.00 per location (Setup Fee Waived). Annual discounts and multiple location discounts are in effect. Contact Pelican or a Pelican Sales Representative for specific implementation pricing for your location or organization and get started with Sparrow Clean-Point. Be safe. Be healthy.

  Sparrow is a software-as-a-service (SAAS) application. The Sparrow Viewer App (iOS and Android) is free to download and use. Monthly Sparrow Subscription (tiered) is based on the number of active markers your organization is using. There are discounts for quarterly and annual subscriptions. Usage Training, Documentation and Support is included in the subscription. Custom reports and organization specific branding may result in additional charges.

  Getting Started. At a minimum, Sparrow costs $250.00 to setup and $250.00 per month to use. 100 active markers are included and there are no additional costs per administrative user or the number of viewers or scan events. As the number of markers increases, the cost per marker decreases. Training, documentation and support are included and as part of the training, we will help you make marker assignments unique to your unique operations and procedures.

  Scalable. Active markers are available in bundles based on the scope of your Sparrow usage - these range from 100 markers for $2.50 each to 3,000,000 markers for $0.02 each. Switching from one tier to the next is as simple as creating more active markers or inactivating markers that are no longer being used.

  Alternative - Viewer Centric Sparrow can also be purchased in a subscription model based on the number of viewers interacting with the system on a monthly basis and no per marker charge. This option is for small businesses that have significantly less than 100 potential markers and a few people that will be interacting with those markers on a regular basis (e.g. a dozen employees and a couple of time-clock markers, or a handful of guards and a couple dozen checkpoints. For these implementations, Contact Us directly for pricing and discounts.


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