How Sparrow Works?
  Your organization is provided with a private and secure online database and interface that keeps track of the things that are important to you. As your workers interact with the assigned markers, they get information and their interacion is recorded.

  Marker Assignments? Every organization is different and Sparrow is flexible with that understanding. You choose what things are import to you to keep track of. Maybe its work locations and you want to know who is coming and going and at what times. Maybe its vehicles and you want to know who is driving and where they are. Maybe its unique orders that are moving through your fulfillment process or supplies or products. Maybe its tools and equipment that move from location to location. Register each of these unique items with Sparrow and Sparrow will create a unique marker for each unique thing. Afix the markers to the things that you've registered or catalog them into a binder for easy reference. The markers can be printed to sticky labels; they can be resized to be as small as a postage stamp to as large as you'd like; they can be embedded digitally into documents. Each unique place or things gets its own unique marker.

  Viewer Sees? When a Sparrow Marker is scanned by the Sparrow Viewer application and the device that is scanning the marker is a registered "Viewer", Sparrow delivers content relitive to the unique marker that was scanned. The content can be static or dynamic and interactive. When a marker is assigned, its content is defined. Content can be changed by a Sparrow Admin User after the marker is assigned. Some things only need a simple description that is static ("Ladder #23, 6' Aluminium") while other things should have interactive content ("123 Main St. East Elevator. Please complete this inspection checklist: ..."). You decide what the content behind each marker should be. Sparrow has a library of common interactive content templates (that are customizable) for turning markers into time-clocks and signature prompts and simple data entry forms. Additionally, markers can be created that show activity reports of other markers already assigned and can include dropdown selectors for assigned active markers.

  Management Reports? Each time a marker is scanned by a registered viewer, a log entry is created inside Sparrow that indicates who scanned which marker, where they were and what time and date the scan event occured. If the marker is interactive, when the viewer submits the form that they are shown, the content from the form is linked to thier scan event. Management can log into the Sparrow interface online and view the reports and export them. Reports include a simple filterable event log, a time-attendance report, asset location (using google maps), asset movement (animated), chain of custody and inspection certificates. Additional custom reports can be added. All reports are exportable (.CSV) and printable. From these activity logs, you get information about the time on each project, where your assets were last seen, where your field workers are, timesheets, equipment utilization rates, inspection records and schedules... business critical information all stored in one centeral location that is exportable for use in other systems.


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