Sparrow Overview

Have you ever sat on a patio and watched the sparrows? They are hard to tell apart. Some are looking for scraps of food or nesting materials and some are just checking things out. They fly in and land, hop around, pick something up, drop something off, and fly away.

These birds are a bit like the employees in your company. Because they have little to no oversight, no one really knows what they are doing or how much time they are spending. Where have they been? Where did they leave that piece of equipment? What have they been doing all day?

Sparrow Oversight was conceived to monitor the activity of employees and direct their activities in real time. Now you can have better reporting, better tracking, and better business analytics.
Why do you need Sparrow?
When everyday people and things move around, a paper trail is rarely sufficient to keep track of their activity. Even if a complete paper trail does exist, it can't be easily searched, sorted, reported, exported, or audited. Getting rid of your need for paper copies and clipboards, Sparrow keeps all of your paper records in a secure online database.

Sparrow answers "who was where with what when?" and "why?"
What does Sparrow do?

Sparrow informs management about what activities are being performed by which billable resources. It shows the locations where equipment or supplies are being used, moved to, or moved from. It keeps track of Time Attendance, asset locations, utilization rates, resource allocations, and the activities and locations of mobile workers.

Sparrow provides the "Viewers" (your employees using Sparrow) with information about the items they are handling, prompts them to provide details about what they have just done or are about to do, and helps them figure out what they should be doing next.
What is Sparrow?
Sparrow is a unique combination of three common technologies - QR Code Markers, a Mobile Application, and a secure online database for reporting. The first time a "Viewer" scans a marker, they register with the system. When that happens, the record of their interaction is stored in the secure online database and they are able to see the content behind the marker.

Later on, management can log into their unique Sparrow Portal and generate exportable reports relating to which viewers have scanned which markers. Management can then create the markers from the same secure interface, print them on the office printer, and affix them to the assets that need to be tracked or the locations where the workers need to check-in.

The content behind the markers can be simple or complex and static or dynamic. When a QR code is scanned, the “Viewers” are informed with details of what they are looking at. They are also able to provide additional details through form submissions.