Order Fulfilment

When one of our customers places an order, that unique order is assigned a unique Sparrow Marker that follows the order as it is fulfilled. The marker appears on the pick list the warehouse guys use to collect the items. The unique order’s Sparrow Marker appears on the packing list and the shipping instructions for the workers at the end of the line

At each step in the process, from the moment the order is received to the point where the boxes are shipped (and even delivered), each person handling the order scans the Sparrow Marker with their phone and the Sparrow App. The system knows who they are already, and each person is prompted about what activity they are performing. Then, because Sparrow knows the email address of the customer that placed the order, the customer gets an email alert telling them the status of their order.

Good customer communications and good customer service helps us retain customers and has increased our repeat business. That’s Sparrow in our business.

--Cindy Nellus, Delux Supplies, Wilmington Ohio.