Field Tech Management

I’m the point of contact for customer orders and billing for Hansen-Mueller. We are a facilities maintenance contractor in South West Missouri. Our typical customer is a building manager that wants to focus on leasing and tenant services but doesn’t want to keep a network of painters and plumbers and builders and electricians on staff or worry about the scheduling of independent contractors. That’s where we come in.

One of the building managers has a new tenant and the space needs to be built out or changed to meet the tenants needs. The building manager calls us, and we coordinate the activities of the people that will do the work – everything from drawing up plans to final occupancy inspections. There is a lot of logistics and in that sometimes things would get missed – not that they wouldn’t get done, but rather, the work would get done, but we wouldn’t bill for the effort because the report of the work would get lost in the process.

All that changed when we started using Sparrow. Each of our client facilities is assigned a marker and each of our field techs is required to scan the marker when they arrive on site. Each work order is assigned a marker and as the techs perform activity on those orders, they are required to scan the marker and indicate what work is being performed. Tools and supplies have markers that are scanned when they are used. Materials have markers that are scanned when they are installed.

Every scan event is logged – which tech, which property, which project – and I get a report that allows me to make sure that we are billing for every activity that is being performed. Even when the building manager or the new tenant asks our techs to perform services outside of the scope, those activities are recorded and billed for as well.

Sparrow has increased our revenue by making sure that we don’t under bill for efforts performed. It also helps us better realize job cost estimations and our actual cost of services performed. That’s Sparrow in our business.

--Katie Frost, Client Relations Manager, Hansen-Mueller