Aircraft Safety

Safety inspections are critical in aviation. As one of the leaders in private executive aircraft charter services in the world, Acadia, takes safety as seriously as we do customer service. We have grown a network of service providers over the last decade and manage a fleet of over 50 aircraft domestically.

Each of those aircraft need inspected before and after each flight to ensure airworthiness. The inspection records need filed for regulatory compliancy but also preserved in the event of an unforeseen incident. We use Sparrow to cut down on the paperwork involved and to also store those inspection reports securely.

Each aircraft is assigned a Sparrow Marker and each of our inspectors are provided with a tablet. The inspectors scan the marker, are presented with an inspection checklist that is unique to the airframe of the plane they are inspecting and upon completion, an on-screen digital signature capture. Their report is emailed to regulators and the information is preserved in Sparrow’s secure database for audits and exports.

Sparrow has decreased the time our aircraft spend on the ground, has increased our revenue and lowered our business operations risk. That’s Sparrow in our business.

--Michael Cruz, Air Services, Acadia Aviation