Asset Management

We have 36 different jobsites in 6 different states. The paper trail of where equipment is currently is ridicules. A foreman at one site needs a back-hoe, he calls the main office to get one, we give him a list of sites that “might” have one available. He calls around to those other sites to see if one is available and if he can pick it up. In the process, the foreman at the other site asks if he’s got a front-end loader available and a trade is made. In theory, both foremen should let the main office know that they have just exchanged the equipment… but they don’t.

We put a Sparrow Marker on each piece of equipment and mandated that every time any equipment is loaded or unloaded from a flatbed, the marker for each piece is scanned by the receiving party and the equipment is inspected. The Sparrow app utilizes GPS, and the backend secure database has an Asset Location report that shows each piece of equipment on a map (along with any notes about its condition).

Before we started using Sparrow, we didn’t have any idea about where any of our equipment was or when it was used last. Now, we at least know which jobsites have which pieces of equipment and in many cases, when the last time each piece was used and by whom.

Sparrow keeps my assets organized and their location updated. It makes us more efficient and raises our profit margins for each project. That’s how Sparrow is used in my business.

--John Crawford, Crawford Construction, Troy Ohio