Cleaning Oversight

I manage a commercial office building in Riverside Ohio. We have a cleaning crew that comes in every weeknight and does the floors, breakroom, restrooms and collects trash from the tenants. They show up sometime between 6:30pm and 9:00pm. Occasionally (not very often) they skip a night.

When the COVID-19 lockdowns and regulations came into effect, we installed hand sanitization stations and the cleaning crew was instructed to disinfect doors, stairway railings and any other surfaces that people come in contact with. But no one was in the building at night to oversee their activities and we just had to assume they were doing what they had been instructed to do.

The tenants were uneasy about that assumption during the pandemic.

We installed Sparrow. Each location within the building that needs cleaned was assigned a Sparrow Marker. When the cleaning crew comes through, they scan each marker and indicate what cleaning activities they performed. The building itself was assigned a marker that the public can scan with their smartphones to get a report about how clean the building is and when it was cleaned last.

Sparrow ensures that the cleaning crew is at least visiting each location that needs cleaned and provides my tenants and the public with cleanliness information about our building. That is how Sparrow helps my business and my tenants.

--Larry Walling, Claypool Office Suites.