Building Safety

I’m responsible for the safety systems of 92 different school buildings across 4000 square miles of mostly rural Northern California. Elevators, boilers, handicap entrances, bleachers, escalators, fire-suppression systems, alarm systems, active shooter response systems, fire exits, security doors, transportation and electrical generators, mostly. These systems require (by law) periodic inspections and the inspection certificates need to be present at the buildings where the systems are present.

My predecessor kept track of all the inspection dates in a spreadsheet that he didn’t leave behind when he retired.

All the systems require different inspection checklists. The checklists were on clipboards at the buildings. Inspectors would be dispatched to perform the inspection, record their results on paper and convert that to a certificate that was then filed at the building. The problem was that the district office had no oversight of any of the inspections.

Now, we use Sparrow. Each system is assigned a unique Sparrow Marker. Each inspector has a tablet. They scan the marker, the tablet shows them the inspection checklist for the system they are inspecting and the inspection results are emailed to the building secretary (to print the certificate) and stored in an online secure searchable interface that I can access anytime.

Sparrow keeps my school district in regulatory compliancy and my kids safe. That’s Sparrow in our organization.

--David Jenner, Safety Coordinator, Public Schools, Humboldt County