Bridal Shows

I'm Kristen and I organize bridal shows. We have a mailing list of brides that have expressed an interest in the upcoming shows, and we send them each an email about show details a few weeks before the show is going to happen. We adopted Sparrow when COVID-19 occurred. Now we send them an email that includes a link in it so that they can register for the show before they attend. They are assigned a Sparrow Marker and it is emailed back to them when they register.

When the brides arrive for the show, their badges are pre-printed and include the marker that they have been assigned. Some brides arrive without pre-registration, and we have a couple of stations where they can register online and print their badges with the Sparrow Marker included.

As the brides move around from vendor to vendor, their badges are scanned by the vendors. Also, the brides are scanning the vendor booth markers as they move around. Both brides and vendors can save notes regarding each unique scan event.

At the end of the show, as the organizer, we know which brides saw which vendors and in what order. The vendors get a report about the brides they scanned. The brides get a report about which vendors they scanned. Sparrow makes contact tracing easy.

Sparrow keeps us knowledgeable about the activity of the show. That’s Sparrow in our business.

--Kristen Bradley, The Event Connection, Dayton Ohio